Mississippi River Fund

The Mississippi River Fund’s mission is to strengthen the enduring connection between people and the Mississippi River and build community support for theMississippi National River and Recreation Area, a National Park.

The Mississippi River Fund has enabled the Park to lead stewardship and education activities throughout the corridor, from wildlife monitoring to shoreline restoration to formal education. There are many effective organizations in the community that are dedicated to specific facets of the Mississippi River. The National Park Service provides the leadership to bring these organizations together to meet the common goals of increasing and better coordinating stewardship, restoration and education programs on the Mississippi River. By providing significant support to the Park and its partners, the Mississippi River Fund boosts the activities of all organizations in the community–increasing community engagement in the Mississippi River watershed.

The Mississippi River Fund plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the National Park is preserved, protected and enhanced for the enjoyment and education of all. The Fund is a source of vital funding as well as a source of community connection, expertise, advocacy and inspiration for the Park. The Mississippi River Fund champions the Park and facilitates public / private partnerships that build community support for this national treasure.

Together, we have…

  • Restored more than 200 acres of river habitat at our most beloved sites like the Gorge and Indian Mounds Park
  • Planted 5,700 trees and 8,000 native plants
  • Engaged 2,000 volunteers and 3,000 volunteer hours
  • “Sworn in” more than 1,500 Junior Rangers to our National Park
  • Enabled 20,000 school children to go on the Big River Journey—many on full scholarship
  • Produced one park movie about our Mississippi River
  • Created a citizen bird monitoring program
  • Provided thousands of public programs with National Park Service Rangers!