1 Mississippi

1 Mississippi is the public campaign of the Mississippi River Network: Headwaters to Gulf, a coalition of 38 nonprofit organizations and businesses working together from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico to protect the land, water and people of America’s greatest River. We live in many states, but all are connected to each other through this mighty River. We are one nation and 1 Mississippi.The Network advances its goals for the Mississippi River by both building a national constituency of River Citizens, people dedicated to protecting the River by taking simple actions, and advocating among decision-makers in our ten state region and in Washington, DC.


The Mississippi River Network partner organizations established three policy priorities at the 2009 Annual Meeting, which broadly include:

  • Promoting Farm Bill Conservation Programs
  • Adopting an Executive Order to create a national commitment to protect and restore the Mississippi watershed
  • Implementing Principles & Requirements for water project planning and decision-making, as required under the Water Resources Development Act, so that there is an ever-increasing reliance on natural infrastructure and processes

The Mississippi River Network: Headwaters to Gulf and 1 Mississippi are brought to you by the Walton Family Foundation and the McKnight Foundation.